My First Kerygma

When I first encountered the word “kerygma” and realized its meaning, I have been trying to articulate one of my own.  This was my first attempt, published in March 1, 2014.

  1. God created the world as good and humanity was its crown jewel.
  2. Our First Parents rejected God by breaking the only rule God gave them.
  3. Since then, we are all born separated from God.
  4. God, from the beginning, had a plan to bring us home.
  5. His plan came in the person of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son.  The Incarnation sanctified the human body.
  6. Jesus suffered and died under humiliating circumstances in order to pay for our debts.
  7. We can unite our personal suffering with Christ’s; our suffering has redemptive value.
  8. Jesus came back from death.  This same Resurrection is offered to his brothers and sisters, who are caught up in His Body: the Church.
  9. The Church is a field hospital, not a museum of saints.
  10. The Church is to gather up her children, as many as possible, and help them grow in strength and maturity for the Final Battle.
  11. Our growth in Christian perfection is the universal call to holiness.
  12. Christ will come again for the Final Battle.  Our interior disposition and actions in life determine which side we will be on.

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