My Purpose in life

The primary purpose for me living a holy life and to become a saint is to make sure that all my friends and family, every person that I know in this life, will go to Heaven.  Just as Christ died for us while we were still sinners, I want my life to end with so much merit that Christ would allow others to call on the treasure that I’ve stored in Heaven to pay for their debts.  Everyone who knows me, no matter how imperfect they may think they are in the eyes of God, can be sure that I’m holding Heaven’s door open for them.  (If I make it there myself, that is…)

Remember that nerd in high school who not only got an A+ for the class, but would do extra credit, too?  Imagine the teacher allowed his extra points to give you an A in the class, too.  That, my friend, is the Catholic doctrine of indulgence.  Beautiful, isn’t it?  I want to be that nerd-saint.  If I earn an A+ in life, then I want all my extra credit to go to the people I have met in this life, starting with those who have an F first, then to the D’s, C’s and B’s last.

The saints and martyrs who have gone before us continue to intercede on our behalf.  The living saints now are storing up treasure in Heaven to be used for others on The Last Day.  Dear Lord, help me love people more and more.

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