Midnight Apostolate

This is a midnight apostolate.  Anyone who has ever maintained a blog will know how difficult it is to regularly post engaging content.  It’s not easy and so many forces work against us.  Thanks for coming back, again.  I’ve been gone for a while.  I hope Our Good Lord has blessed you and that you’ve fallen more in love with Our Mother.  May the Virgin bless you with her maternal smile, save you from unnecessary suffering, and bring you consolation in times of difficulty.

How was your Easter?  I celebrated my sixth anniversary as a Catholic Christian.  It was my third time going to the Vigil Mass and I chide myself for not going every year.  It was so beautiful.  There is something incredible about that experience… the anticipation which culminates in a community outpouring of love for our Lord, Jesus Christ.  And, it’s not a spontaneous, chaotic outpouring of ecstatic praise, but a unified chorus of prayer.  It’s the liturgy.  Have you ever really paid attention to the Easter Vigil Liturgy?  You can’t read about it.  You can’t have someone else tell you what it’s like.  You have to pray and prepare yourself to receive this generous gift — the gift of the Easter Liturgy.

I want to get back into the habit of writing to you.  This time, though, I will pray for you, as well.  It’s so important to know that we are loved here in this world.  And, if you happened to have stopped by this corner of the Internet, please know that I’ve been praying for you.

Where are you in your life?  Do you believe?  Do you hate God?  Could you care less?  Whatever the state of your soul, know that this anonymous stranger is and has been praying for you.

I do this because my love for God is overflowing from my family life into other areas.  I no longer want to offer just my Sunday mornings, but every moment to God.  This has led me to pray more.  And, so I’ve prayed for strangers.  I’ve prayed for friends, family, and co-workers; for my parish; the Pope’s intentions; for the victims of tragedy that I read in the news.

As my prayer life grows, I feel this need to love more and more, to give more of myself.  I’m restless with love.  So, instead of going to sleep next to my family, I have this midnight apostolate where I pour out my thoughts into these posts.

Pentecost is coming on our liturgical calendar.  Isn’t our calendar amazing?  It’s like we can be sure to see the sunrise again tomorrow in case we missed it, today.  It’s the same with our Catholic liturgical calendar.  If you missed something, then you can be sure it’ll come again next year.  Over a lifetime of the liturgical seasons, we will see so many Lenten sunsets and Easter sunrises.  Oh, and all the lovely moments inbetween!

Thanks again for stopping by.  God loves you.  I will pray for you.  Let me know in the comments if there is a special intention you’d like me to pray for.  May the Lord bless you, protect you from evil, and bring you to everlasting life.  Amen!

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