Prayer and Fasting for Conception

Dear Jesus,

The two most powerful weapons I know I can use against evil is prayer and fasting.  In case it is not the will of God that is preventing people I know from conceiving children, but because of some kind of evil, I am praying for them.  I would also like to do a special fast:  I’m quitting coffee.  My Lord, you know how much I love coffee.  You know how I can’t wait to go to sleep because it means I get to have my morning cup the next day.  You know how much value I put into the ritual of making coffee, more so than (I’m ashamed to admit) the ritual of your holy liturgy during Mass.

My Lord and Savior, since you know how much I love coffee, I hope you’ll take that into consideration as I pray for the following people:

  • Paul & Helen
  • Husband & Cecy
  • Mark & Lise
  • Glenn & Renee
  • Gary & Kathy (Added 01/07/2013)
  • Jason & Nora (Added 01/13/2013)
  • Billy & Jennifer (Added 01/13/2013)
  • Daniel & Tiffany (Added 01/16/2013)

Dear Jesus, if you don’t mind, I would also like to add the following people who are already expecting to my fasting and prayers:

  • Eric & Renee
  • Husband & H.S. Baik
  • Husband & G. Sung
  • Vinson & Chiaki (Added 01/16/2013)

I will not take Tylenol to take away the headaches, but pray to unite my humble suffering to your greater one.

If I may ask just one consolation… to be able to drink caffeinated tea for the first few days.  I’ll stop coffee and all caffeine in the new year.

Our Father…  Hail Mary… Glory be…

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  1. After Vigil Mass this past Saturday, I went to Perpetual Adoration to pray the rosary for the above petitions. Before I started, I asked St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Joseph, St. Thomas More and St. Jose Maria Escriva to join me. Together, we prayed the Joyful Mysteries. It was a powerful moment for me and I hope all those prayers from those amazing saints will be heard by God.

  2. On January 7th, I met with my old friend, Kathy, and her husband, Gary. They are trying to conceive and I said I would add them to my prayers. Also, today, I found out that Anne Marie’s cousins, Jason and Nora, Billy and Jennifer. I’d like to add them, too, to my list of folks I’m praying for conception.

  3. Added Daniel & Tiffany to pray for the conception of their second child. Vinson & Chiaki are expecting a baby girl this June! Praise the Lord! I will add them to my list of people to pray for safe delivery of their children.

  4. God has a great sense of humor: through the chief of our section, He sent me a large-sized Italian coffee press. It was meant to be a Christmas gift from my boss, but I think my Father in Heaven was having a bit of fun with me!

  5. This past Monday, I started praying the whole rosary for the people whom I listed. Moreover, I asked St. Therese, St. Thomas More, St. Joseph and St. Jose Maria Escriva to join me, just like I did about ten days ago. In my imagination, I could hear them praying with me. I would lead one decade; they would lead the next one — exactly how a group would pray the rosary together. Tonight, on the Glorious Mysteries, for some reason my mind’s eye not only had my four friends but also a bunch of unknown saints in Heaven. They were seated in concentric circles around me in the center. Then angels with wings were in the air, singing or playing music along with our prayer. There were flashes of light. They all stood up, hundreds of saints during the Second and Fourth Glorious Mysteries. When we were about to finish, we all stood up during the Hail Holy Queen. It was a very surreal and joyful experience. Praise God for the communion of saints. I’m never alone in my prayers if only ask my friends to join. I can also ask their friends in Heaven!

    1. Dear Samidha,

      Of course, I will pray for you! In fact, I already included you this evening in my rosary petitions. May God grant you and your spouse peace and serenity… And enjoy the process! 🙂

      Thank you for reaching out to me. I’m humbled. Keep me posted so I know when I can drink coffee, again.

  6. Please pray for me. Me and my hubby solomon are trying to concieve after the miscarriage we had in july this in 7 days fasting and prayer before the Lord.Blessings

  7. I would like to join you in prayer and fasting as my husband and I are trying to conceive.

    The Boyds

    1. Please pray for me I have been trying to get pregnant from last year pray for me while I continue to pray for me and my family in Jesus name

  8. Its 2017 but i knw you are here that u can see ma post and you will be with me as i pray for conception. God bless you and help you see my post

  9. I’m asking u to pray for me n my husband to conceive we are waiting for this miracle to happen to us we ave faith and we believe it’s going to happen in Jesus name

  10. Please pray for my daughter in law Maria and son Octavio to conceive a child this new year 2019. They have been married over 15 years.

  11. My husband and I are believing God for a healthy baby and pregnancy. Please pray that God bless us with a healthy baby. God bless you and thank you

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