Daily One – Mistake as Mine

Today’s Readings: Dec 13, 2012

Lord Jesus, by your cross you redeemed the world.  Fill me with joy and confidence.  Make me a bold witness of your saving truth so others may know the joy and freedom of the Gospel.

I’m one of those afflicted and needy souls who thirst for spiritual water on earth.  The people and things I find still leave me thirsty.  The work I do with my hands turn into dust.  I’m left unfulfilled.

Yet, I know that I’m a part of your Creation.  You are compassionate to all your works.  I am confident that I will find consolation.  So, I’m joyful from the hope that your Son’s sacrifice brings.  I praise you, Lord!  Thank you for the joy you bring.  Even though these blessings may pass, they are a foretaste of eternal life in your presence.

Oh, Lord!  Help me love you more than anything!  Help me bring my wife and children with me.  What joy is Heaven if my family is not with me?

The love between Father, Son and Holy Spirit spills over to the world.  Help the love between my wife, children and I spill into the communities that we are a part of.  Bless us, Lord, with the grace to remain faithful to your commandments.  Help us pray for those who mean us harm.  Help us grow in charity for our family, for the poor and the forgotten.

I extol you, too, Lord! I want to be among the creatures who do your will. I pray, Lord, my God and King, that I will become less so that you can become more. And all your work will be mistaken as mine. Glory be…

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