Going to DC

I’m traveling to Washington, DC, today.  Out of the thousands of employees in our agency, I was one of the eight chosen for special training in “Project Management.”  It’s only three days, but I left a day early and I will stay a day later for a special seminar I’m giving to some companies in West Virginia.  So, I’ll be away from my family for a whole week.

I’m always afraid of dying when I’m away from them.  It’s not death that I fear, but their abandonment.  I don’t want to leave my wife and daughters to fend for themselves in this world.

I handle our family’s finances.  I am the primary “breadwinner.”  I do much of the paperwork for our household and I do my best to carry the burdens of homemaking.  My wife is strong enough to do it all, but I don’t want her to.  So, I pray to God to keep me safe — not for my sake, but for the sake of my wife and children.  Even though I can still pray in Heaven, I can be the direct conduit of God’s love for my family while I’m alive.

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