“Drood,” by Dan Simmons

I just finished reading Dan Simmons’ Drood.  I’ve enjoyed his other works more, but what do I know about well-written books?  I’m not a writer.  I would recommend Drood to others who enjoy reading historical fiction about an opium-addicted man being driven to insanity.

I may not know how to create masterpieces like Charles Dickens or Dan Simmons, but I know that God creates unique souls.  If I am unique, then doesn’t that qualify me as a masterpiece of God?  And since I have the free will to participate in God’s plan for me, then am I not a co-author in God’s masterpiece that is my life?

Reading Drood was a nice escape from reality.  But my journey to love God fully is a long one.  There are a lot of things that I think God wants me to do, and I’m procrastinating.

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