Prayer of Thanksgiving

Dear God, thank you.

I thank you for a beautiful, sunny day in San Gabriel, southern California.  The weather is much better for my pregnant wife than the 0°C temperature in Seoul.

I thank you for that sweet moment, today, when Maya willingly threw herself into the arms of my father and mother.  Maya is usually reticent in showing affection to my parents, and I know they yearn for her love.  Her simple hug made their day.

Thank you, Lord, for a healthy prognosis at the prenatal check-up — and for helping my wife see how I spoil her.

Thank you, Lord, for keeping us safe as we drove in today’s congested highways.  It was good to take Maya and her cousins Michael and Angelica to Corona and visit friends.

Thank you, God, for helping me see that I’m an Ambassador for Christ the King.  I’m an entry-level Agent of Light conducting overt and covert operations of charity.

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