San Gabriel Mission Church

I went to Mass today at the San Gabriel Mission Catholic Church.  My wife was with me, but we left Maya with my parents.  The liturgy was beautiful even though we had a tough time understanding the Father’s homily.  The old mission chapel is full of grace and tranquility.  It is also the place where I was baptized; so I could just be biased.

The readings were about giving up to God what little we have left, especially when we have no more to give.  I have an abundance of material possessions, but I always make excuses for not giving more.  I give away my surplus, but I avoid giving until it hurts.

Giving doesn’t just mean money – I know I don’t give enough of that already.

I give away my time to my family instead of pursuing my own interests.  But I get so tired that sometimes my heart isn’t in the giving, and that’s giving without love.

My giving of time and money is also limited to just immediate family.  I need to give more to the community.  I use my family as an excuse for not giving to the larger community.  I need to look for opportunities to serve in a ministry, like choir or as a Eucharistic minister.

Despite my personal shortcomings, I thank God for his mercy.  His Eucharist is a Sacrament that I take for granted.  But I felt a great longing today and a deep satisfaction after Communion.

Praise be to God.  Please help me become holy, let me graft onto you, the True Vine.  Glory be to the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.  As it was in the beginning is now without end, forever and ever.  Amen.

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