Bible Study – Genesis, Chapters 4 to 11 (Part 1 of 4)

On Genesis 4:1-18

With the births of Cain and Abel we see the first offspring of the woman Eve.  Is there any chance one of these might be the promised “seed” who will defeat Satan?  Do they look like it to you?  Explain.

It’s not clear in the beginning whether Cain or Abel would be the promised seed.  Cain became a murderer; so, that rules him out.  We will never know about Abel, since his life came to a premature end. 

What was wrong with Cain’s offering, as compared with Abel’s?

 I think Abel’s sacrifice to you, God, was more genuine.  Cain just picked the fruit off the ground to give to you.  It would be fruit that I wouldn’t eat because they would have been spoiled.  Abel, on the other hand, chose the best from his flock and cut out the best part of the meat to give to you.

It’s not that you were partial to people who gave meat offerings and did not like vegetable/fruit offerings.  It was the heart of Cain in his sacrifice that disappointed you.  Cain further disappointed you by killing his own brother. 

On Genesis 4:19 – 5:32

Compare and contrast the two family lines.  Why do you think the author focuses in on Seth’s descendants rather than those of Cain in Adam’s “official” genealogy?

Dear Lord, I’m confused by the author ending the story of Cain’s line with Lamech, but Seth’s family line also has Lamech right before Noah.  Let me do a quick chart:

Cain => Enoch => Irad => Mehujael => Methushael => Lamech => Jabal, Jubal; Tubal-cain, Naamah

Seth => Enosh => Kenan => Mahalalel => Jared => Enoch => Methuselah => Lamech => Noah

I see.  It’s a different Lamech.  Moreover, it seems like you hit the reset button with the beginning of Chapter 5.  Cain’s family line led to many craftsmen and tradesmen (i.e., those who live in tents and have livestock (Jabal); those who play the lyre and pipe (Jubal); those who made all kinds of bronze and iron tools (Tubal-cain)).  However, Seth’s family line led to Noah, who started a new covenant with you.

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