The New Evangelization

I spent last night and this morning browsing the Internet for Catholic bloggers and vloggers.  What I found was humbling: teenagers evangelizing through YouTube (i.e. “SheisCatholic” and “RebornPureAdmin”) a hip-hop rapping Catholic Priest counter-messaging a hip-hop rapping Protestant; and a website dedicated to the online exploration and discussion of the world’s religions.

There is a lot more out there.  Bishop John Wester gave an address to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops about the new media for the new evangelization.  This “new evangelization” refers to a pastoral letter by Pope John Paul II entitled “Novo Millennio Ineunte.”  The clergy and lay people are called to use new media for pastoral work.  The pastoral letter is quite long.  So, I couldn’t find any mention of using new ways to evangelize until the middle of the letter.  The beginning read like a president’s or governor’s “state of the union” address.  Then, at section #29 in the pastoral letter, Blessed John Paul II gives his call to action: “I therefore earnestly exhort the Pastors of the particular Churches, with the help of all sectors of God’s People, confidently to plan the stages of the journey ahead, harmonizing the choices of each diocesan community with those of neighbouring Churches and of the universal Church.”  But, “…it must be translated into pastoral initiatives adapted to the circumstances of each community.”  Before he became Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Ratzinger gave specific guidance on the new evangelization before Blessed John Paul II’s letter.  I would do well to follow Cardinal Ratzinger’s guidance.

Where do I fit in this “new evangelization”?  How can help give glory to God using new media?  How do I avoid the temptation of fame and all its traps?

At this point, I still don’t have a game plan to my website.  A plan may or may not be necessary to join in the new evangelization, but I will continue to use KeenforGod as an instrument for journaling, reflection on Scripture, and a means to capture my spiritual growth.  I pray that one day God will see me as worthy instrument to evangelize His love.  For now, I need to grow in discipline, grow in the Virtues (especially in Temperence and Fortitude).

I don’t know how I can avoid the temptation of fame, but I trust in God.  I need to reach out in prayer to ask Him to humble me, and help me be aware of my pride.  My beloved wife will be of great help, too.  She will definitely know when I’m walking down the wrong path.  She is strong in the Virtue of Temperence.  I can depend on the Holy Spirit to use her to correct me.

Dear Heavenly Father, please help me continue to walk on this path, if it is Your Will.  I humbly ask this through Your only Son, Christ Our Lord.  Amen.

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