Wife Wisdom

My Lord, forgive me for taking so long to write another entry in my online journal.  You are so generous with the grace you give me.

I praise You and thank You for leading me back to Give Us This Day [website].  I believe it’s structure is a good plan for daily prayer.  It will certainly help me on my spiritual journey, guide my own prayers and, hopefully, guide me to more knowledge of you.

You opened up my heart this morning to the wise words of my wife.  She said that we cannot always give Maya what she wants because it will not make her happy.  If it is time to sleep, and Maya asks to get down from bed and I give in, then she will ask to go out of the room.  She will then ask for one thing after another, often contradicting herself (“play, no play; read Dora book, no book; Elmo DVD, no DVD; etc.”)  She doesn’t know what will make her happy, but we as parents know that she will be happier after a good night’s sleep or a scheduled nap.

As parents know what will make their child happy, so God do You know what will make me happy.  Praise the Holy Spirit for entering my heart with this Wisdom.

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