Dancing to Cop a Feel

So this guy, Serdar from Turkey, invites Kelly over to his place to teach her salsa dancing.  Nina, Kelly’s roommate, asked if I wanted to tag along.  I learned a few good moves from Serdar.  But, I was irked by the obvious attraction he had for Kelly.  Kelly has a fiance.  Does Serdar from Turkey know that?  He asked her over so that he could cop a feel?  He was copping many feels: moving behind her and wiggling her in ways that would make her fiance very uncomfortable if he wasn’t trapped in Tibet.  So, we jammed.

I wanted to learn new moves.  He wasn’t interested in teaching.  He was interested in feeling Kelly.  And, that was bothersome.  Sigh…

My passion for salsa will just have to wait until I’m in Guatemala.

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