Spring Break

Spring Break was fun.  Robin, Donelle, Francie and I drove up and down the coast, visiting my hometown L.A., sightseeing Monterey and S.F.  The driving was considerable – and I got really tired.  We walked everywhere: Santa Monica Pier; S.F. Chinatown; Old Town Pasadena; New Town Alhambra; Monterey, etc.

Got to get groovy on the dance floor.  Still lack a steady salsa partner, though.  Was checked out like the hottest new Prada purse on Beverly Hills when I went through the Castro District.  I never felt so sexy in my life.  Too bad I don’t bat for that team… I would never be lonely (ha!)

I’ve been recuperating the past few days.  Finished reading Simmons’ Ilium.  He’s always the master of speculative science fiction.  Too bad I’ll be out of here when Olympos comes out in July.  I read it’s going to be about 1,300 pages.  Crazy-cool.

Got Queen Latifah’s phenomenal jazz album.  Awesome.  Also got some Alicia Keys.  Hot ladies/musicians with killer voices.  If only…

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