30 Days

One of my roommates knocks on my door.  I had just spread myself on the papasan to read my new book, so the interruption irritated me.  But, it’s Ben.  So, it must be important.  And important it is: I’ll be homeless in 30 days.

And life was going so well…

Fortunately, the situation is not hopeless.  Ben is actively seeking another place to rent, and he would be happy to keep me on board at the same rate until I leave in May.  Nice guy.  If he’s successful, his efforts would save me a lot of headache.

Bummer that the landlord decided to sell this house at such an inopportune time (for me).  It sucks for both Ben and Josh since they’ve been living here for several years now.  And the landlord is so quick about it, too.  Apparently, he wants to apply the tax savings on this property to his Pebble Beach residence.  Rich bastard.

In other news… I am taking up Tolstoy.  His War and Peace is surprisingly engaging.  It’s kind of like watching “90210” or “The O.C.”, except the richly problematic folks are the Russian aristocracy during the Napoleonic Wars.

I tried to take up the guitar.  Even brought my old baby up to Monterey with me.  But, it still lies asleep in its carriage.  I must set a schedule to play with her.

I need to brush up my Spanish.  And work on my Mandarin.  Damn… I think I may have too many languages on my plate.

There’s this dance instructor in Santa Cruz who is very interesting…

I went salsa dancing this past weekend.  My goodness it was fun!  Oresta was a blast to dance with.  And, although Eva displayed (deliberately, I think) nice cleavage, she wasn’t as fun as one would expect.  My regular partner, Nina, was getting a bit tipsy from her drinks and failed to really follow through with some moves.  But, all in all, she was still a pleasure to dance with.  It’s really great to get back into the groove.  There were some smooth moves on the floor, too.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t pick any of them up.  Some the armwork was really amazing!

I worked a lot on my finance homework.  It’s awfully masochistic how much I enjoy slaving over the problems.  Lordie…

My dentist ought to have my x-rays and forms filled out by this Saturday.  One last thing to send off to OMS, I hope.  Gawd!  When am I going to receive the invitation?

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  1. good morning

    i’m sorry to hear about the living situation.
    i’m glad to read about you sitting in the papasan.
    i mean, listen to it: paaaaaapaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaan
    it has to be good sounding like that (and we both know it is)
    the invitation, it will come soon. i can feel it.

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