Looks are Important

So, uh… I’m trying out this dating service, eHarmony.  And, I like it’s process.  But, like all things in life, we don’t always receive what we expect.

She didn’t allow her photos to be viewable until Open Communication.  We finally got to that stage, (which was quick and very exciting!), and I was really hesitant to look at her pictures.  I mean, what if she’s not attractive to me?  My photos were available from the get-go.  So, she may have developed an attraction, but I only had her written words to go on.

Well, her written words were good.  Her responses, her outlook on life… we seemed to be compatible in those respects.  And, I didn’t want her to be physically unattractive.

So, I decided to re-read her introductory profile, you know?  To focus on her “inner qualities.”  Lo’ and behold, her photos were unrestricted and there she was!

And, I was not impressed.

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