“Meet the Fockers”

It’s almost that time of year, again: The Year in Review!  And, boy, is there a lot to talk about.

How about I just start with today?  Today was rainy.  Very rainy.  The skies poured and the wind blew and people got all wet despite the umbrellas and raincoats.

The rain made my textbook adventure a lot more interesting.  So, I’m taking this class come Monday and the professor didn’t post the syllabus until recently… while everyone is still on vacation.  Luckily, I came back to Monterey early and was able to find out that we need to have the first three chapters read by the beginning of class.  Well.

I thought it was awfully nice of the professsor to have the textbook on reserve in the Library.  Unfortunately, the Library is closed until this Monday, 9am.  Class starts this Monday at 9am.  My order of the textbook won’t come until the middle of next week.  Boo-hoo, the course is only a week long.


I decided to call the local junior-college bookstore to see if they had one on hand.  Lucky for me, they did.  Unlucky for me, they were going to close in 5 minutes.

Traffic.  Rain.  By the time I got to the campus, it was already 3:15 and the store was supposed to close at three.  Hunting for the bookstore on a huge campus in the rain wasn’t the funny part.  The funny part was me running in my sandals with my huge golf umbrella, trying to hold up my jeans because, lacking a belt, they were slipping down.  “Why did I even bother with the umbrella?”  I thought to myself.

So, I bought the textbook.  And, I was very grateful for the store manager for still being there.  Why wouldn’t he be?  I paid $153 for a book that I bought online for just $55.  Hopefully, I can sell the book to one of my classmates.  I’m sure there’ll be a few who will need the book come Monday.

The rain also caused a blackout in our area.  Blackouts are common, apparently.  There I was, doing my business on the shitter, and poof!  The lights were out.  This was a fear of mine, being in that bathroom in the dark.  Ever since I saw “The Grudge” and that freaky blue kid with the bloated face meowed at Sarah Michelle Gellar, I was spooked about the closet door in the bathroom.  For weeks, I was afraid of opening that door, lest that meowing kid be standing there.  Shit… I’m goosepimply just thinking about it.  So, there I was, sitting on the porcelain bus with my worst fears coming true.

I survived.

I finally got a hold of Frank by eight o’clock in the evening.  I’ve been trying to get a hold of him all day.  We were supposed to go to lunch.  But, I found out that he had his TOEFL exam today and he barely got back at five.  I asked him to go eat out with me.  And, of course, being me, I took us to Pho King.  Nothing like a big hot bowl of pho on a rainy day.  I think a large pho dac biet and a glass of Thai iced tea got to be my favorite meal.  I just can’t get enough of it.  I can get tired of dim sum, but I don’t ever seem to get tired of pho.

We decided to catch a late-night movie.  Turns out that there’s this new theatre at the Del Monte Center.  Huge.  New seats and stuff.  We went to see “Meet the Fockers.”  Fuckin’ hilarious.  I haven’t laughed so hard since “Finding Nemo.”  Just plain ol’ knee-slapping funny laughs.  De Niro and Hoffman can play some funny roles.  Frank commented on how he never thought Hoffman could do a role like that.  I don’t see much of Hoffman these days on the Silver Screen, but I certainly liked his role in this one.

Well, well… today was a full one.  Something has to be said about waking up early.  Start your day early, and you can get a lot of adventures in.

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