Executive Summary

I was responsible for writing and submitting the Executive Summary today.  When it was complete, I was incredibly proud.  It was coherent and presentable.  Unfortunately, it was missing the Decision Matrices.  This critical component was unknown to me.  My team members were also not aware because they also didn’t read the instructions.

I feel so deflated.  All that pride in my work extinguished in an instant.

Putting aside my emotions, what can be done, now?  The executive summaries have already been handed out to the faculty mailboxes.  Nothing I can do except redo the document and send them out again on Monday.  The team has to accept the penalties of submitting it incomplete.

I suppose, from a broader perspective, my ego is hurt more than my grade.  But, damn… it stings.

There is so much to write and reflect regarding this International Business Plan.  This thesis paper has consumed my life these past several weeks.  Who said getting an MBA wasn’t tough?

So much to reflect on…

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