Media Incompetence

Why is the media so easy on Bush?  I just don’t get it.  The media is not doing its job. 

Excerpt from “Upon a Second Viewing of Farenheit 9/11” by Guy Reel

There is a wonderfully disturbing scene in which Bush is shown repeatedly vowing to “smoke them out of their holes,” or variations on the phrase — and then Moore inserts a clip from an old Western with some scraggly cowboys vowing to “smoke them out of their holes.” Then Bush is shown later saying he hadn’t given much thought to bin Laden — a statement that he denied ever making during the third debate with Kerry.

That was an outright lie or lapse of memory on the most crucial issue facing America today — a lie or lapse of memory that demonstrated Bush really did not have as his first priority the defense of America or the capture of the man who attacked us. It was an outright lie or lapse of memory committed during a crucial moment in the debate, and it disappeared from the media in a wisp. Gerald Ford made an ignorant debate remark about Poland not being under Communist control and the media went on about it for weeks. Bush made one of the most crucial blunders in debate history, one that that demonstrated his utter incompetence or inability to recall his own outrageously inept worldview, and we ho-hum and note that 48 percent of the electorate still say they support him.

That 48 percent is dangerous territory for an incumbent but it doesn’t guarantee Bush’s defeat — in fact, it is near a majority. Could it be that Moore’s prophecy hasn’t yet come true? That his movie will finally knock Bush’s support down that one or two crucial percentage points? Perhaps it will be upon the second viewing — the round of the DVDs and VCRs — that it will happen: Bush gets 46 percent, and Kerry 51.

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