The Right Decision

I miss her.  Nevertheless, I think it was the right decision.

So, the IBP project has been coming along fine.  This past weekend was really stressful for everyone.  Brianne got sick and everyone expressed their frustration with the amount of work.  My teammates all rated the importance of the IBP as an 8 out of 10 (ten being of greatest importance).  However, they all have been putting out a 10 effort these past few days.  Holly said she’ll be scaling back to a 5.5 for the time being.  She said her priority now is to look for a job.

I feel exhausted.  The frustration is not really there for me because I have an idea of where I want to take this project.  I would share this vision with the group, however, I don’t want to come out being too instructive.  We are all equal and my opinions will come out in due course.  As far as my efforts, I think I proved myself again as being an asset to the team.  Not only did I find extremely valuable research for our Segment 2, but I also came out with some good analysis for the Competition section and the Domestic-Political section.  I rated the IBP as being a 10 out of 10, so I hope I’m meeting my own standard.

My score for the International Organizational Behavior course came back tonight.  100%.  Anyone who scored 95% and above can waive the second exam.  I’m pretty stoked.

Professor Shi is the instructor for my Global Business Strategies course.  The class is, by far, my favorite.  All work is based on discussion of case studies, and the curriculum is clearly based on applying our knowledge of strategy to business situations.  Last Tuesday, Professor Shi, as we left the classroom at the same time, turned around and thanked me for my contributions in class.  I left that night feeling like a champ.  Here was my favorite professor from my favorite class, singling me out (thankfully out of earshot of my peers) from a class of 50+ for my input in class.  Since 40% of the class is based on class participation, I am confident that I’ll get a high mark as long as my comments continue to be well-thought out.

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