I was surprised to find out that one of my team mates has a boyfriend in Germany.  Here, I thought that I had the longest distance relationship!  I suppose distance really doesn’t make much difference except this overseas thing makes phone calls a lot more expensive.  Funny she asked me to write an email to him and give him tips on how to be a long-distance boyfriend.  I told her that I wouldn’t wish this type of relationship on my worst enemy…

LDRs are tough.  Yet, for ambitious people, it’s the relationship of choice.  Busy schedules, concentration sessions, meetings and more meetings… things that we want to get done that we would otherwise not do if there’s a sexy warm body waiting for us back at home.  But that’s really not the thing.  The benefit comes when both persons are ambitious and really would rather not have a significant other around when we are trying to kick ass in school or at work.

Ultimately, there’s going to be a problem.  Whereas her life may tone down where she can have more personal/couple/family time, my life will only continue to get more busy.  I suppose I can adapt when the time comes, but, like I musing about just a second ago… that’s the benefit of an LDR: I don’t have to adapt.  Yet.

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