Screwing Up the Sleep Cycle

My sleep schedule has been really whack these past couple of days.  Thursday night, I came home late after hanging out at a bar with my colleagues.  It was twelve-thirty in the morning when I finished showering and slipped into bed.  It would have been nice to just go to sleep.  Stupid me, I decided to read a little bit from the new strategy book for Global Business.  The damn article kept me thinking all night long!  One would think a school textbook would put a person to sleep.  Nerd that I am, the material actually kept me up!  So, I woke up at 12pm yesterday since I have no class on Fridays, and did not sleep until 2am that evening as well.  I was watching Nicholas Cage in “Guarding Tess”.  Why in the world would a movie about Secret Service agents guarding an old lady be of any interest to me?

So… I woke up again today at 12pm.  How grand.  Need to sleep early tonight.

  • Operations Management, Chapter 8 and practice problems.
  • International Organizational Behavior, Chapters 1, 2, and 13 and the questions on syllabus
  • List of questions for Client regarding Corporate and Industry Analysis
  • Install MS Project
  • Read Crown, Cork & Seal Case for GBS

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