First Week of Classes

I have three classes and the MBA capstone course for the Fall:
1. Operations Management
2. International Organizational Behavior
3. Global Business Strategies
4. International Business Plan (the capstone course)

The IBP is 6 credits by itself.  Crazy.  First class meeting is this Friday, when the Professor will be assigning the teams and clients.  From then on, the teams will have to organize and determine what they will do to satisfy its client’s needs.  I was anxious to do the capstone course during my first semester, but I have a lot of resources and plenty of outside class time to get myself up to speed.

My favorite class so far is Global Business Strategies.  The very first day we did not even talk about the syllabus, the textbook or even introduce ourselves.  We spent the 3 hours of classtime solely discussing the strategic issues of a fictional beverage company.  The professor was trying to gauge our raw strategic thinking skills.  I was so jazzed with the discussion and subsequent assignment that I couldn’t fall asleep until 1am – and I was in bed by eleven!

Operations Management looks like a critical course for me since I did not feel like I developed my operational skills during my undergraduate education.  This will be an opportunity for me to learn more.  My hope is to take this new stuff that I’m learning and apply it to some of the entrepreneurial ideas that I have in mind.

International Organizational Behavior does not seem to be too different from the International Business course that I took with Professor Mortazavi back at Humboldt.  I suspect the main difference will be the application of systems theory to the behavior of organizations.  Yet, learning about different cultures and behavior of firms within such cultures are subject not dissimilar to Mortazavi’s class.

All in all, I am very excited about my classes.  I am very energized and enthusiastic about what I will learn this semester.  With the first IBP meeting coming up this Friday, I can only imagine its addition as a greater thrill.

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