SILP Mandarin Ends, Gearing Up for Fall

The final exam was truly a Final Exam. The two unit tests previously were fairly easy – I finished in a couple of hours. The exam today actually took me four hours! I am confident that I did well. The oral exam was easy, and I only forgot one character (ju2 in you2ju2).

After the exam, Fei and I went to the SILP Happy Hour. All the different language programs provided food from their culture. It was nice to not pay for lunch today.

Activities for tonight: Indian restaurant at 5pm and maybe a “Pride and Prejudice” marathon in the evening.

My summer intensive language course in Mandarin is officially over. I feel very accomplished and very happy. I look forward to continuing my studies in the Fall.

I need to look at what courses I need to take for the Fall and meet up with Toni if I need some further academic advising. Other than that, I should work out a gameplan upto the beginning of classes. There are quite a bit of material that I want to review before classes begin.

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