Mother’s Day 2004

Our family celebrated Mother’s Day a day early. I woke up on Saturday around noon and started helping my parents with the night’s celebration. Tables and chairs were put out, the canopy was erected, the house was tidied up, and the sound system was moved to the window. Around 4pm, I took my little cousins to the Town & Country Pet Shop in West Covina. Little Jason wanted a hamster, and I was more than obliged to buy one for him. We even bought an extra S.A.M. cage so that it would connect with my old one to give the fortunate hamster a relative mansion. Jason named his new female hamster “Hammy.” Not very original, but cute, nonetheless.

By the time we came home, the party was well under way. Everyone in The Family was there, and we invited extended members as well as family friends. It was a very large occassion.

In the evening, the kids and I decided to play Risk. Only, Joshua, Evelyn and Shawna, Elaine and Douglas were there, too. So, the typical six players were increased to 10! I stayed out to moderate. For the first time in a while, I pulled out both boards and played multi-world Risk. Around four hours later, Joshua, Evelyn and Shawna were the last players standing and decided to share the two worlds together.

I got my mother a very beautiful “infinity pattern,” diamond inlaid bracelet. It would have costed me over $650, but I got a tremendous discount due to one of my friend’s employee discount.

It was a long day, but fun.

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