There was a sales meeting for Clarion loan originators today from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon. Although the hours were long, I learned a lot. I now believe that with the right steps, I can build a successful small business for myself in time. If ever I wanted to entertain my abilities as a business strategist and entrepreneur, this would be an opportunity. Even better, I can choose to take this opportunity at any time – there is no deadline. So, I can realistically get my graduate degree and not lose this chance to build something for myself.

James Udall and his wife were tired of getting rejected by Realtors whenever they solicited for their loans. So, in an effort to “cut out the middleman” he started to market his mortgage services to sellers who were trying to sell their homes by themselves (For Sale by Owners, or FSBOs). Persistence was key, and once the Udalls closed their first FSBO property, many others came soliciting.

This type of ingenuity made an impression on me. Creativity, problem-solving, planning and execution – elements of business that really get a rise out of me can be experienced here, in this business.

A lot of tools are available to me. Due to Clarion’s economy of scale advantages, I also have all the programs in the market available to me. Though I do not know what they are, there are a lot of assets at my disposal when all is told. I need to find out what these assets are. This can be a great new adventure. My knowledge in business theory can finally be put to practice.

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