Superficial Changes

There is this new reality show on Fox called “The Swan.” In it, 16 average-looking women will undergo radical cosmetic surgery, physical training and emotional/psychological therapy. The whole process for each woman is 3 months.

Every episode features two women. Both will go through the 3 month transformation, but only one would be chosen to move on to the beauty pageant.

In this episode, the two women were not what I would consider attractive. Their physical measurements were not what was lacking. It was their emotional stability. One woman got depressed and “whiny.” She was constantly crying – a “ball of nerves” commented her doctors. The other woman (the one who was selected to move on to the pageant) was a little more level-headed. However, she had problems with the lack of support from her husband. And, to be honest, he looked like he could go through the “swan treatment” himself. She didn’t look bad to begin with. In any case, it was interesting to see the superficial changes. That’s all this show amounts to as well. Superficial.

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  1. I was SO dissapointed when I found out what this show was about. They had such an obvious chance to do something really meaningful- to showcase all that is wonderful about 18 women who don’t fit the traditional white american beauty standard. Instead they decided to be cheap and, well, Fox, and call in the plastic surgeons and girls with low self esteem to make fun of.


    1. “Tragic” is right. The more I think about the show, the more distasteful the premise of the show sounds to me. On the one hand, Fox Studios is forking over A LOT of money to change these women. Beyond the cosmetic surgery, there are the emotional therapy and the physical training. That kind of money is beyond these women’s means, I think. I suppose the process may open new doors for these women, too. Yet, the word “exploitation” is inescapable.

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