Party Hardy

Goodness Gracious! I can’t believe how much Mark’s friends party. Do they do this every weekend? After picking up Renee that night, a whole group of us went clubbing until 2am. Everyone went to grab some Thai food after all that dancing and we didn’t get home until 3am. Then shower and walking off the caffeine/alcohol, I didn’t get to bed until 4am Saturday morning.

I woke up around nine. Renee had Mark’s bed and he and I shared the floor in separate sleeping bags. The floor wasn’t very comfortable, so I had reason to get up after only 5 hours of sleep. We had a small breakfast before going to Sausalito for some Mediterranean food. Not bad. We walked around Sausalito before meeting up with Alex. Mark and Alex had to go grocery shopping for the BBQ today at Golden Gate Park.

After all the preparations for the BBQ was complete, we had to get ready for a night of Karaoke and… save me… another night of clubbing.

Singing was fun. We went to a place called BC group on Geary Street. Then we went to a club named Shanghai. I was so pooped. I just moped around until it was time to go home – which was, again, the 2am/3am food/4am to bed schedule.

Mark’s friends are no slackers. They work hard and they party hard, too. All the girls are either accountants or businesswomen. The men are either lawyers-in-training, engineers or IT people. Crazy.

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