Nightmare to Nightmare

My anxiety over the GMAT is getting to me. I took a nap this afternoon because of a headache and experienced a vivid nightmare. I rarely have nightmares, but my current mind seems troubled enough to produce it.

In this bad dream, I was driving my PT Cruiser. The speed was unsafe, I knew. That knowledge did not deter me from turning off the freeway with my foot still on the accelerator. The exit curved next to a deep canyon. I flew off the cliff. My hands dropped from the steering wheel, and I closed my eyes as I felt gravity pull me towards the inevitable.

My reaction was odd. I did not lash out at my own stupidity. I did not scream with fear. I knew I made a mistake, and I was resigned to accept my fate. However, instead of dying, I went into another dream. Odd… I knew I was supposed to be dead. In this other dream, just as vivid as the other, I was trying to ask my mother why I was still alive. She was not available to answer my question.

My dad handed me the phone. I woke from my nightmare to answer insipid questions from a Chase telemarketer. Still half-asleep, I think I sold my life to some Preferred Cardmember Program. I’ll get my paperwork in 14 days.

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