She Doesn’t Want Me to Go

I carpool with my goddaughter’s father. He would pick her up from my house before going home. My heart always brightens whenever I know I am coming home with her there. Aside from being a cute little urchin, she’s quite smart. And, I find not spoiling her with gifts and affection difficult.

My goddaughter was blowdrying her hair when I came home tonight. We started talking as I took over and combed her hair.

“Are you going to leave your work when you go?” She asked.
“Where am I going?” I suppose she found out about me going to graduate school.
“To China.”
“Oh, I’m not going to China.”
“But aren’t you leaving for school?” So she did know.
“Yes. I’m leaving for school, but I’m not going to China. Are you afraid I might get SARS?”
“No, I’m going to miss you.”
“Well, I’m going to miss you, too.” When do little girls learn how to pull the heart-strings of adults?

I hope that I will continue to hold my goddaughter’s affection over the years. One day, I will have a daughter of my own. And, I will be so blessed if she will enjoy my presence as much as my goddaughter enjoys mine now.

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