My legs were sore when I woke up this morning. I made an executive decision to forego my jump-roping session. Despite the inconvenience, my legs’ condition proves that my workout yesterday morning was productive. I was concerned whether I lifted heavy enough weights.

Yesterday was productive even though it was the first day back to work from a wonderful week-long vacation. In the evening, I finished the first review item on the GMAT. My goal is to complete one review item each evening and a handful during the weekends. At this rate, I hope, I will be ready for the exam by the end of February.

I received a miscellaneous check from my broker yesterday. It was payment for the MS Excel program that I designed to be used with the new Rate Reduction Program. Honestly, I did not think the company would really pay me for something so simple. Fortunately, no one knows any better. Wow… who would have thought I’d get paid for knowing how to use a simple piece of software?

I feel lethargic. When I came in to work this morning, all I really wanted to do was read a chapter of my book before going about my regular routine. I know I want to work on my FAFSA again today. And, I’m supposed to check out the website for Progressive Insurance to see if I can get a better rate. I am surprised that the insurance for my PT Cruiser alone is $2,900. That’s more than the annual premiums of all three of my parents’ cars combined. Of course, their cars are very old and my car is not only new but classified as a “sports vehicle”. Still, three grand is kind of hefty. That’s almost another half of my auto payment per month.

So, I feel lethargic. I don’t want to do much other than sit and reminisce. I wonder whether L is experiencing the same? She’s been late to work every day since we got back. She has never been late to work before. Her tardiness could mean she is feeling lethargic, too.

I miss her.

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