Tracy’s Birthday Party

Tonight is going to be Tracy’s birthday party. She’s turning, like, ten, I think. Gosh… I’ve lost count. I bought her tons of gifts already and I can’t seem to stop. I feel like going to the mall again and getting her something else. Maybe I can give her that Coda bear I was going to give Alain?

The family did not have a huge dinner last night like I expected. Everyone just stayed home. I got so bored I actually started dancing in the living by myself – much to the chagrin of my mother who wanted to watch her Chinese epic movie in peace. Unfortunately, she had to put up with my latin music floating from my laptop. I took out the long mirror that I brought back from Humboldt and watched myself sway back and forth. I still got it. I even came up with some new moves. That’s not an easy task considering I have to imagine L–‘s arms and body and how it would react. I would spend several minutes in slow-motion, reflecting on how I would lead L– into certain positions, imagining her position. I finally learned that whenever I am facing in the same direction as my partner, I ought to change my footsteps to match hers so that she can stay within rhythm. All this time, I’ve had my partners adjust. Unfortunately, my partners are inexperienced and therefore could not compensate. As a result, we look “off”. Well, I figured out how I can be smooth about it.

Ahh… those moves are so… sexy. It’s not like the club dancing that people do nowadays. This passionate dance actually has some class. Whenever I watch a couple who knows how to salsa, I feel like I’m watching a really good love scene from a movie. Whenever I watch teens go clubbing, I feel like I’m watching bad porn. I really look forward to dancing again. This time, I get a steady partner. Hurray!

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