Holiday Shopping

I had a wonderful day shopping today. I know that Christmas in the U.S. has become highly commercialized. I notice many people commenting on that. I agree, but I like buying stuff for my little cousins. For instance, I spent a good penny today buying Joey an awesome leather jacket from Wilson’s. This is a luxury that his parents would never consider buying for him. He really appreciated it and couldn’t thank me enough. It’s a great feeling. And, I gave my goddaughter her present tonight. The weather was getting cold, and since my present was a really fluffy comforter, I thought it would be of use tonight of all nights. I stayed with her while her mother went to pick up Angus (his car was having trouble). We sat in the lazy chair together watching that show on Fox before “Malcolm in the Middle”. I’m going to love having a daughter of my own. How wonderful it feels to be a father! I hope Angus makes the most of his time with her. One day, she’s going to grow up and move out. She’s going to be less adoring and more rebellious. My darling goddaughter already feels ignored. While sitting together watching TV, she told me how parents pay so much attention (she calls it “attracted”) to newborns. She observed that this attention changes when they grow up. I asked why she thought this and she said her parents don’t pay much attention to her anymore. Yet, she does see them paying a lot of attention to any newborn in the family. Tracy’s awful smart. And, it seems her parents are taking her for granted. Ironic… they went through so much trouble to conceive. One would think they’d treat her like a princess. Well, maybe I’m not giving them enough credit? Perhaps they are giving her a lot of attention and affection, but my goddaughter doesn’t recognize it? That’s very possible. My parents love me a lot. They show it in very odd ways, ways that I would not have noticed if I were a nine-year old.

So, it was a good day today. Joey is very happy. Feigao expects me to get “Madden 2004 Football” for the new Gameboy SP that his father is going to get him. I didn’t want to get him another videogame, but I knew it would make him happy. Gosh… that’s like giving in. Fathers ought not do that. I know I’m not his dad, so I have that freedom. But, I ought not spoil him. That’s a tough call: I want him to be happy, but I don’t want him to expect me to give him whatever he wants all the time. Oh well…

All right. I’m tired now.

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