A Belated Thanks

I did not get a chance to write on Thanksgiving. I wanted to write about what I was thankful for.

I am thankful for…

  • my father cooking me my lunch every work day.
  • my mother washing my clothes even when I ask her not to
  • caring, loving and attentive parents
  • my good health
  • L’s love
  • my godchildren’s respect
  • my relatives
  • a large extended family that allows for a sense of belonging
  • friends who accept me as their friend
  • my car not breaking down on me
  • a federal government that is relatively better than most
  • my experiences in debate, business undergrad, and general education
  • the opportunity to work in the mortgage industry as a loan officer
  • the simple comforts of home
  • the joy of reading
  • the meditative and transforming effects of music
  • the gift of love
  • the mistakes that have made me into a wiser person
  • the limited time I have on this earth

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