I made cookies on Saturday before we watched the movie.

I bought a tub of cookie dough from one of my co-worker’s kids. I figure it would be a good way for me to spend time with my little cousins. So, I took the dough over to the 6th Family’s house. Together, feigao and I made multiple batches of cookies of different sizes and shapes. At one point, we got silly. He rolled a turd-looking piece that made me crack up in laughter. “Why are you making a penis that looks like a piece of shit?”

Now, I understand that this isn’t the type of language I ought to be using with a 9-year old. However, there is always a time and place for colorful words, and that was one of them. We could not stop laughing as we made long, thin ones and thick, chunky ones with three balls. Tears were coming out of our eyes – that’s how funny everything was.

Thankfully, the cookie dough was made from perfect ingredients. Everyone who tried a piece had nothing but good things to say. Feigao and I even added extra chunks of chocolate and almonds for select “signature” pieces. It was a happy moment.

Where was my digital camera?

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