Ferris Wheels

What’s with teen drama shows and ferris wheels? On “Everwood”, Ephram and Amy had their first “special moment” on top of that ride. On “The O.C.”, Ryan and Marissa had their first kiss on a ferris wheel. On Smallville last night, Kreuk’s character was kissing some random antagonist on a carnival ferris wheel as well.

Did I miss out on something during my teen years? Hell – who am I kidding – I missed out on a lot of stuff during high school. I guess I need to take L– to a ferris wheel ride to figure out what all the hullabaloo is about.

There was a new episode for The O.C. last night. Although I watch the show regularly (I have yet to miss an episode), I am not as addicted to it as I am to Everwood. With Everwood, I can say that I watch that show religiously. I truly am excited for Monday evenings because I know I will get my next fix. As for The O.C., it’s a guilty pleasure. If the show ever becomes unentertaining, then I can easily stop watching. For Everwood, I most likely will write a letter to Berlanti and his group of writers to complain about the the storyline rather than stop watching it altogether.

So, the episode wasn’t bad. Adam Brody has that geeky Tom Hanks charm. He is probably my favorite character. I think that is because Samaire Armstrong’s character (Anna Stern) has the hots for him. I’d rather be in his shoes. The Anna Stern character is my kind of girl. Moreover, it looks like geeky Seth is going to have two hot girls after his toosh, Anna and his childhood crush, Summer. Not a bad position to be in… haha.

Ben McKenzie plays Ryan and Mischa Barton as his written love-interest, Marissa Cooper. Not only are they the main stars, but probably the two most attractive young actors on cast. There was a lot of tension since the beginning of the season between the two characters. With Marissa’s ex-boyfriend out of the picture and the permanency of Ryan at the Cohen household, it seems like they can start a relationship afterall. I like how the writers bring out the fact that Ryan has never really dated before, even though he’s slept with more than a half-a-dozen women. Ryan never had a girlfriend per se, since he just “meets them at parties” and bones them. Technically, Marissa would be his first girl. I don’t know what to think about the two of them getting it on at the end of last night’s episode. I know there’s a lot of sexual attraction between the two characters, but does sex have to be so prevalent? As much as I enjoy having/reading/watching sex, seeing teenagers having sex before they even have time to know each other disturbs me. I guess the paternal instincts are concerned with how this might influence my imaginary children had they watched the show. Granted, as a teenager, I’d wish I was in Ryan’s situation. Having a beautiful girl sleep over in my own bedroom? Hot damn.

When I got my wisdom teeth pulled for the first time back in high school, I was in such pain that my parents were willing to drive my girlfriend at that time over to be with me. We slept on my bed, and she held me while I tried not to moan from the pain. Of course, I also moaned from things she did to me – not from pain, though… And, my parents were going to let her stay the night, but she had to go home. God, she was beautiful! I remember she wanted to take a shower one time after fooling around, so I accompanied her into the bathroom and undressed her. Wow. My parents knew that I was in the bathroom with her and, when I turned on the water, my mom asked me what I was doing. I said she was taking a shower, “May I join her?” Predictably, my mom said no.

Memories… wonderful memories. But, no ferris wheels.

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