Steps to Master’s International

I called the Peace Corps today to reactivate my status. Unfortunately, the contact was out of the office for a week. I left a message for her to call me back. My hope is that I don’t have to go through the whole application process again.

Tonight, I need to complete the next task. Where did I leave my school transcript? I need to fax Jill a copy so she can determine whether I qualify for advanced placement.

Prior to admittance, I need to have two years of university-level foreign language classes. Would my fluency in Cantonese suffice? Or, do I need to know how to write it as well? These are questions I ought to ask when I see the recruiters for Fisher again this weekend.

Another question I need to ask is how the admissions panel at Fisher weighs a letter of recommendation. Maybe I can ask Mohamed to write me one? Since he was the other managing senior, he can speak to my management capability and capacity for greater responsibility. We worked well together. We talked a lot about business and stuff. Would he be willing to write something like that for me? I would like to get the VP of Sales here at HMB to do one for me, but I’ve only been here four months. He’d be more inclined to write about what a fickle contractor I am, instead.

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