Preparing for Fisher’s Open House

I reserved a car for the weekend from Hertz. Weather forecast says it’s raining all weekend. That would make driving dangerous. At least I’m not driving to Humboldt. I am more afraid of going through the curving mountainous road than up the I-5.

Doing a general b-school search on GMAC, I found many other top-notch schools that allow an International Business concentration. However, their programs are traditional MBAs that have a bunch of electives for a concentration. The program at Monterey Institute’s Fisher Graduate School of International Business (FGSIB) is exclusively global in nature. It requires fluency in a second language. Studying abroad is the norm, not an option. With Master’s International through FGSIB, I would have two-years’ worth of exposure in a foreign country working on business development projects. The only other graduate school that can compare is Arizona’s Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management. Except Thunderbird only has study abroad programs. There is no working relationship between them and the Peace Corps.

One of my questions for FGSIB should be “Why would a qualified student choose their college over Thunderbird?”


  1. Which countries did past Master’s International candidates volunteer in?
  2. Am I limited from learning Mandarin as an additional language to the one acquired via the Peace Corps?
  3. Does FGSIB have courses in real estate finance?

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