Matrix Revolutions

Yesterday, I left work at around 11:45 to go see Matrix: Revolutions with Brian over at the AMC 16 on Topanga Canyon. You’d be surprised how many people actually took a day off work or school just to see the very first screening. The house was packed. A fact that impresses me is that at 12:30pm, PST there were 19,999 other theatres in 120 territories around the world that were experiencing the same movie. How many people were crying at the same time in that final Neo & Trinity scene? God knows I wanted to bawl. It took all my willpower to keep from doing so lest my friend Brian think I’m a sissy. How many people were gripping their seats in that super burly fight scene between Agent Smith and Neo? The action sequences were so intense at times it was almost… almost orgasmic.

I guess I always knew that the Oracle had her own agenda. In the end, it seemed like the Oracle and the Architect were playing some kind of chess game against each other. They’ve been playing against each other for a long time. Only in this iteration did the Oracle win the game. “How long do you think this will last?” asks the Architect. That may be a hint to the conflicts to come.

Now the Oracle and the Architect are software programs. In the real world, there are the machines (i.e., Machine City). In the final scenes, Neo negotiates with The Source (a huge floating Porcupine Machine) to halt his attack against Zion in exchange to stop Agent Smith.

If there is a difference between Software and Hardware AI, then how do they interact? Recall the Mobile Ave Train Station scene. Sati, the Software program, said that the Trainman was the connection between the Dreamworld and the Real World. Did you catch where Sati wanted to smuggle his software-child? Was it from the Real World into the Dreamworld, or vice versa?

Hmm… maybe I got something wrong. Maybe Sati wasn’t referring to the Dreamworld and the Real World at all? Perhaps the Matrix is what Sati meant by “Neo’s world” and all software AI reside in electron space, kind of like the AI from Dan Simmons’ Hyperion? This would make sense because it appears that all software Exiles are hiding in the Matrix (i.e., the Oracle).

Agent Smith threatened the Exiles because he corrupted all of the Matrix. He eliminated their only sanctuary. Agent Smith is also a threat to the Hardware AI because every human that he corrupts is one less “battery” that the Hardwares would have as a power source. If left to his own devices, Agent Smith could not only end the human race connected to the Matrix, but also destroy the Hardwares’ last energy source. This would explain why the Oracle and the Porcupine Machine were willing to believe in Neo.

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