Pictures of Us at a Restaurant and at the Lake

I brought in new pictures of L and me to work. It’s amazing how much they make me miss her. I’ve always known we look great in photos together, but to see them on a daily basis is a wonderful reminder. Gosh… you can see how much that guy loves her… and you can see how happy she is being loved.

In an episode of Everwood a few weeks back, Amy forgot to write her “tragic flaw essay.” So, Ephram gave her his to copy and he would write another one during break. She smiles and gives him a sincere, heartfelt hug. She walks away into the light of the school’s hallway as the lovelorn boy sighs and leans against the locker wall.

That kind of sexless adolescent love is something that I haven’t felt in a long time. The bliss of being close to someone you care so much about was captured in that scene. Looking at these pictures of L and I, there is that bliss. I see the love. And it’s amazing!

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