Kill Bill

I woke up late Saturday. So, I didn’t get to work until late-noon. The only thing I did was finish one of my client’s loan application, only to determine that more documentation is necessary due to using SSI as his primary income.

I left work about an hour early to go hang out at Bob’s place. Bob’s girlfriend, Savuth, was there. His roommate, Bill, was watching baseball on the TV. We got a hold of Brian. And, when he showed up, we all went to Sherman Oaks Theatres as planned to watch Kill Bill: Volume 1.

The new Tarantino movie was violent. There was a lot of swordfighting, a lot of limb-chopping, and a lot of action. Uma Thurman plays “Black Mamba” (the movie would “bleep-out” her real name) who was nearly killed by a guy named “Bill”. This Bill character is supposedly played by David Carradine, and he is the leader of a group of professionals called the Deadly Viper Assassins. These assassins were the ones who tried to kill Black Mamba. So, the whole movie was basically about Thurman’s character enacting revenge on the first of the assassins who tried to kill her, O-Ren (played by Lucy Liu).

When the movie was over, all of us was wondering how Tarantino was going to manage to finish the movie in Volume 2 when there were still three more people whom Black Mamba had to kill (“Cottonmouth” played by Vivica Fox was “offed” in the first ten minutes of the movie). As violent as the movie was, I enjoyed its dark, wry humor. I’d see the second one. I read it’s going to be more like a Western than a samurai movie.

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