Sore, but with Good Leads

I’m in pain. Physical pain and, fortunately, not emotional pain. For the first time in three months, I exercised my lower body at the gym. The exercises consisted of barbell squats, seated leg curls, and standing calf raises – all the ones that tear up my muscle fibers nicely… And, I’m paying for it two days later. I could barely walk out of my car today. I limp around like a freshly deflowered prison boy. Goodness, me! All I want to do is go home, lie down in my bed, and wait for my body to recuperate.

Instead, I test my endurance here at work. At least I don’t have to walk around as part of my job. I can sit on my ass all day, answer lead calls and work on the computer. The only time I get up is when I want to eat, drink or take a dump. To avoid the excrutiating pain, I’d rather starve and constipate myself.

I have some good leads today. I’m working on a lead where the guy is the president of some production company. Apparently, he makes so much money that he hires a financial group to handle all of his finances. The service that Global Business Management, Inc. offers literally “stand in the place of the client.” So, when he decided to work with me, he asked me to call his business manager to fill out the application and send the needed application materials. Pretty neat. The company (their website) typically qualifies actors, athletes and other high-net worth individuals. Although I don’t make enough money to quality, I wondered about getting into this line of business sometime far in the future. Heaven knows that I fantasize enough about being a financial advisor for high-income individuals. Here’s a company that already does what I’ve only dreamed.

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