I was reading some cosmology stuff today on the Internet. It got me thinking about those two physics classes that I took back at Humboldt with Professor Brusca. Smart man. Tall, muscular, with good presence. He had some odd quirks, though… fingertips like a newt, for instance. His deep set eyes were too penetrating for comfort. Fortunately, I sat far enough away from the front row to avoid any scrutiny. He lectured well, too. He had a self-deprecating sense of humor that livened his discussions. Clearly, he loved the cosmos. Clearly, he loved teaching about the cosmos. Clearly, he loved young women. The guy was a pervert. Took me until the second semester to figure that one out. Ugh. Well, the information that he bestowed on us was good, at least.

So, reading about the universe, theories about its creation and Stephen Hawking gave me that nostalgic “learning high.” It’s like having a LSD flashback: sitting in that huge science lecture hall; a couple hundred addicts all getting their fix at one time; Big Bang singularities going off in a couple hundred brains as we each feel little universes expanding in the black holes of our own head.

I want to go home and dig out my old physics textbook. Maybe I can experience that high again? Ah, but it’s never the same as the first time…

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