MBA Afterall?

I think I have found a way to incorporate an MBA into my career in the mortgage industry. However, I need to work my way back into the corporate world. I can begin as a sales associate in CBRE, for instance. Either I work there for a couple of years and then apply for my graduate degree, or I can seek a sales manager position then go to grad school. Companies like CBRE have a global reach. That company in particular has several offices in China. With an international MBA that has a Chinese language focus, I would be in a position to work in that country. Executives nowadays not only have an international background and perspective, but they also excel in strategic management. The Fisher Graduate School of International Business has a very good strategic management program. Success in grad school might mean a top officer position.

I have to pay my dues, though. So, if I am not meeting my income expectations after a year here at Horizon, I will apply my skills in the commercial properties sector.

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