Sam’s Las Vegas Otherland Party

08/23/2003, 10:54am

On Monday, I went to S’s going away party. I met some of her friends, all of whom were wonderful. They were smart and friendly. What more can one ask for in good company? I met Chris, S’s new boyfriend. I would’ve liked to play a round of chess with him, but I figured it wasn’t the right time. He reminds me a lot of my cousin, Vincent: pensively quiet and carefully articulate. He’s currently looking for a field of study. The choices are between architecture and medicine. I suggested pharmacy. He was intrigued, so I hope to get some more info from L and pass it on to him.

That weekend before the party, I was in Las Vegas. It was a short-lived trip, designed to accompany my mother and look after my rambunctious little cousins. Excalibur lost many stuffed animals on Saturday night, and Joey and I decided to see what our son would look like if we could splice our genes. Pretty hilarious. Much of my time was spent reading more of Williams’ Otherland. I’m on the second volume. It would be nice to finish the epic soon.

I picked up some books this week despite my better judgment. I finished A Round-Heeled Woman by Jane Juska in a couple of days. L said she read a little of it at an airport bookstore when she was traveling to Minnesota. It intrigued her enough to want to get it, but she was afraid that someone in her family might discover this autobiographical book about promiscuity. I said that I would send it to her after I finished reading it myself, disguising the cover as some “physics” textbook. I also bought an anthology of true stories entitled The Best Sex You’ve Ever Had. Not bad. It’s amazing what some sexual experiences people in this world have. I’ll be adding that book to the package I’m sending L, as well.

At work, I finally have two clients who got to close their loans. So, I’ll be paid within a week or two. It has been a long time since I got any cash inflow. Yesterday, I turned an another loan. Hopefully that one will work out, as well.

This weekend I hope to finish the Otherland book. I also need to do some financial clean-up. I haven’t updated my finances in a while.

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