The Terminator for Governor

I woke up today and I had a headache. Odd. I thought I got enough sleep. Perhaps I slept with my head at an uncomfortable angle? The rush and busy at work made me forget that I had a headache, but now it has come back. Maybe I should rush and busy myself to bed?

The first gay bishop was elected yesterday. I was, like, “Bravo!” However, political pundits who cited “separation of church and state” made me think twice. If homosexuality is a sin according to the Episcopalian interpretation of the Scriptures, then it would seem improper to elect a bishop who has committed or condones such a sin. I guess what complicates the issue is that there is no single authority that determines “the Episcopalian interpretation”. So, each diocese makes their own. Fortunately (for pro-homosexual rights individuals such as myself), enough delegates at the American Anglican convention did not subscribe to the belief that homosexuality is a sin. Hence the clear majority vote for the bishop. Although this is clearly a victory for gay rights activists, secular guys like me oughtn’t to be too cheerful about such a controversial religious issue.

Now, what’s this about Arnold Schwarzeneggar running for California Governor? Senator Feinstein was right: this recall looks more like a circus with each passing day. Anyone with 65,000 signatures and $3,500 can put his/her name on the ballot for governor should Gov. Davis be recalled. I really think this is an abuse of the recall. If Davis was laundering money or caught watching “kiddie porn,” then I would be all for firing him. Granted he’s not the best governor that the State of California has ever gotten, but just because the economy turned sour while he’s in office is no reason to fire him. Taxes rise because there is increased government spending. Budgets go into deficit because macroeconomic factors cause state revenues to shrink. Energy scandals arise because corrupt corporate officers like Kenneth Ley of Enron cheat investors out of their money. These bad times could have happened to any incumbent governor in any state without any direct cause stemming from said governor. Yet, I think it’s pretty kick-ass to have The Terminator as my governor.

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