If there is one gripe I have about being on straight commission, it would be the uncertainty of getting paid. Sure, there’s unlimited income potential… that is if I have unlimited production. Unfortunately, my production right now is ZERO. That big round number has never been scarier. Granted, I am three months away from running out of money. Yet, I don’t want to worry about money. I find myself daydreaming about the days when I can be sure about every hour bringing in $19 to $29. I was willing to take a pay cut to learn the loan origination process. I forgot to factor in the emotional tenacity needed. It’s like I am bipolar or something: one day I feel unbelievably great because I have business and that this industry is where I belong; other days I feel bummed that I may have made the wrong career move. Eventually, my coworkers tell me, once I have a pipeline of loans, the income will be steady and I won’t have to worry. I hope that is true.

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