I went to Huntington Beach on Saturday. B I, a friend I made from Countrywide, went with me. We met up with an old childhood friend of mine. He and his youth group were putting on a bonfire and he invited me and anyone else who wanted to come along. It was nice to be at the beach. Typically, I don’t eat hot dogs. I ate three. It must have been the relish. I made smores. My three little cousins from the Second Family came during the evening. They had smores, too. The childhood friend, S T, had his younger brother there, too — R. The two of them are huge. I mean, they’re, like, football linebacker huge. It’s amazing to see. Must be the genes. We stayed until 9-ish and then we left the group. Sean wasn’t around, but I told Ryan to say goodbye for me.

Huntington Beach is much farther away than Hermosa Beach, which is the playa that I went to last weekend. Mi amiga al tiempo fue S y tuvimos lots of fun. I didn’t realize that “Club Sushi” was so close to the beach, so we got to walk around for a bit and check out the pier. The pier was nice. S saw a pair of buttocks that she wanted to have. It occurred to me that she oughtn’t because she has the kind that Katie Holmes has, and those ones are pretty nice. Unfortunately, the similarity slipped my mind at the time. Admittedly, I was staring at the lo-lee-ta walking in front of me and comparing her behind to the voluptuous one that is tacked on to my beloved’s bottom. I concluded that the pair L has is much more satisfying to look at. She just needs to learn how to sway them. I mean, jeez, I can sway mine and I don’t even have any hips. I tried to teach her how to dance seductively, but I only managed to make her blush. That doesn’t really help. Anyway, S and I walked up and down the pier and also saw one of those sharks that like to feed on the bottom of the ocean. The poor fish was asphyxiating. I was hoping the fisherman was going to throw it back into the water, but all he did was retrieve his hook. What a horrible day it was for the fish. All he wanted was something to eat. Instead, he got Death. Oh, we also at sushi. Ironic. I guess I can say the same about those fish before they ended up on our plate. “Club Sushi” is a restaurant that one of my clients own. This client is, like, a millionaire, but their credit sucks because they refuse to pay their mortgage on time. I didn’t know this, but, apparently, one late mortgage payment can put a potential borrower in the subprime bracket. Awful for a household that makes so much money to borrow at the B-paper level. I guess I’m learning something while working in this industry.

I’m tired.

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