My First New Car

I finally got my first new car. Hot damn… it’s beautiful. I should be jumping up and down, but I’m exhausted from the negotiations. The energy spent was worth it, though. I got the price down to factory cost (confirmed by the finance-guy, who has no interest at keeping the price secret). So, I’m glad I got a good deal.

I’ve taken my little cousins for a cruise. My parents like the leather interior. The engine is a lot quieter than the Limited Edition we test drove last weekend. I’m glad I got the GT instead. I have the extra horsepower, and all the neat options that make the Limited very attractive.

What I like the most about having a new car is that I have air-conditioning. The Aerostar van that I’ve been driving has none, so I always have to drive to work without my dress shirt lest I soak it up with my sweat. With A/C, the interior won’t be hot enough for me to sweat. What luxury!

My Cruiser looks so gosh darn nice in the driveway.

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