Coming Home to a Child

On Friday night, my shift did not end until 11pm. I got home at around midnight, and couldn’t fall asleep until well after two-thirty. I woke up three hours later… to get ready for work. So, the Saturday shift was from 8am to 12pm. I brought all my team member doughnuts. (Why didn’t my supervisors ever buy me doughnuts?) I didn’t leave the office until a quarter until two. I was tired. I was irritated. To make matters worse, I missed a chance to have lunch with my little cousins.

So, I’m driving home. My mom calls me. She asks whether I’m coming home, now. I say yes. She says feigao – that’s Cantonese for “chubby puppy” – is waiting for me. How adorable! My favorite little cousin decided to wait for me at home.

I’m home. And, like an affection son, I hear my seven-year old godson call out my name.

Is this how it feels to come home to a young child?

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